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  1. Name: Lingie Age: 23 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): I would probably migrate as soon as possible away from the starting town, but it truly depends on what is all inside. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? : Yes, frequently. I can say that I know most of the ins and outs of both plugins almost in their entirety. what is the purpose of a macerator? Increased mining output, solar panels, making a lot of noise in the room with our IC2 tech. Recommendations(if you been invited): N/A Others things i should know: I'm a pink fluffy zergling and an avid Flutershy fan if either of those count.
  2. I'm withdrawing myself as well. Malice (aka octobon) decided to start trashing my friends, and banned them as they questioned a rulling for donators. Simply put, rules against donators were never posted anywhere, so I find that rules were made quite unfittingly. Afterwards, my friends were banned, and the server was shut down. Donators have been overpowered again, and the only care of this server is money. I was told my friend was "trash" for PvPing a donator on a PvP server, and I was told to ban him. I've been asked unorthodox tasks of that of a moderator and asked to spam this topic thread to get the server more popular, when obviously post milling for this kind of task is against rules and moral judgement. I put a lot of work into this server as well, so I hate to see it fall so far. The Herd will be going elsewhere. - P.S. Nothing can be done here without being a donator. Donators are listened to, nobody else. If you want to play here, you're forwarned.
  3. Theres that, and the fact that if we claim an area, it doesn't like to let us quarry it.
  4. Well, we're still digging the area that we'll be using for the base. It'll be floating, underground, for security purposes.
  5. I'm sure people will come from all around to slip into the gambling hall. Texas Hold 'em is serious stuff.
  6. So yeah, its wonderous that the server is back online and for the most part, staying stable. Me and my guildies from before have already restarted a new town project and hopefully we can woo everyone with some new things we picked up. (Yes, we can use more then just microblocks.) Its nice to see that the server is a lot harder, and hopefully, I can get my own store running soon for the server.. I'm sure people want something to buy, and someone to sell to. :D
  7. As I've told many people on Malice's server thus far, I'll reiteriate here. Why are you complaining that EE is not enabled on this server? There are PLENTY of other servers, hosted on this very website included, which house EE and have it fully enabled. If theres a problem, (and this one goes for others that whine about EE being disabled) you can choose another server. You aren't bound by chains and law to play on this particular server at any given time. Secondly, its Malice's server. Even if he wanted to enact democracy, its his choice to full control without vote on his server as well. I'm fully comfortable with the way things are being run, and I hope that things continue to run as smooth as they have been. (Given, that Towny stops blowing up in our faces.)
  8. Lingie

    Bad Chunk Issue

    I'd like to bump this topic, because myself, friends, and another server I joined has the same issue. For some reason, a chunk just randomly "goes bad" in an area, and starts lagging to the extreme. Even by removing the entire chunk, nothing fixed it. I'm not sure what devices were in the areas, but I'm slightly sure there wasn't even anything there that would do that. It might be something with lighting, but I'm not sure about that. Either way, it happens in Tekkit, but not in Vanilla.
  9. Malice, I'm pretty sure someone is somehow spoofed as you, and apparent "took over your entire server." I'd take a look into that.
  10. Male. I know WorldEdit and Essentials very well. Each, I've run in several of my own servers, and had friends add to theirs for our use. (Which, ended up being just me, most times. xD) WorldGuard, I've not touched on, but I'm a quick learner. If Skype is a requirement, I don't mind getting it. I've used it before. As for building, I /prefer/ to stay exclusive to Survival mode these days, but I've done my fair share of spawn area, starting town, and other building setups. Mind you, I'm slightly ambitious at times, and I might get over my head with something every once in a while.
  11. First off, I heard that EE was being thrown away. (EFFIN' YAY.) Also, since I'm on quite frequently, I figured I'd throw out an application for mod staff. I can say that I've offered a lot of help with command help, and getting players moving forward, rather then back. I'm not a person to look to intentionally greif, and the only "greifing" I've done on this server was to raid inactive player locations around the world. (Wasn't too much to be found, but it felt like Fallout, and was quite entertaining. :3) Username: Lingie Age: 22 Do you have Skype? No. Timezone: UTC -5, U.S. Eastern Time Hours of your regular online times: Currently, an waking hour that I'm awake and not doing something related to school, or getting a bite to eat. What can you offer the server as a Moderator? I'm fair, and take my notes. I don't like taking action until I'm clear on what happened, or at least clear enough with the information provided to take action. You see two players arguing. You go to investigate and learn that one of the players has destroyed one of the other's creation? What are the steps you take to fix the problem? (I'd rather that this from its first steps, to try to take the right actions. I'll go from the start of the argument.) First things first, SEPERATE THE PLAYERS. Get them to stop arguing, and allow the server to go on. Jail them if you must, if able. Get the stories from players that may have been around, and aquire sufficient notes on the matter. To fix the problem, there wouldn't be much I could do, other then report it to the higher power to take action if need be, or provide resources to assist with the reconstruction of their property. Knowing this server though, if it wasn't a glitch or bug that was exploited, there wouldn't be any action to take other then to get the two players to stop fighting. If they cannot accept the fact that they didn't protect their structures with Towny (WHICH IS VERY MUCH ENABLED) then, they shouldn't be making a scene about it.
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