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  1. I have some very big major issues to attend to in real life im sorry the server is going down. I will have a server similar to this once i get back to normal life again very sorry thanks all for playing
  2. Yo Everyone that still plays on TekVentures....... Looking to do a map reset need your input please.? Thanks Will wait for a week then start messin with new map... Peace!
  3. if you read my announcement it says to tell me whats on your mind how do you feel about the server not to tell me thanks for the diamonds you stupid twit! READ NEXT TIME K BYE
  4. I have to reply back because you are bashing on my server and myself... TBH I wish you would stop talking on my forum and stay playing on yours again shut up little twit... I am not mean one bit and again you dont know how to follow the rules. As your typing on here your not following the rules. So you might get banned but if you make another account they will see you have the same ip BTW. So just becarefull and good luck on your other server. Glad you can help that server out.... Oh owner must never be on ... Ok peace little wolf!
  5. I never said this is my job its a hobby and i have fun doing it. The donations to servers are to help them stay running i have donated to many servers b4 i made one and after making one and seeing derps like you makes me feel proud to have donated to them. It is their desiccation to donate I am not twisting their arms or holding a knife to their necks. You were not banned for helping you were banned for not following the rules. I hate to say but every server that allows you in it is a bad server... Now please do not reply we know your not 20 and we know you hate my server... Thanks and great d
  6. I have a nice job thank you, seems as you need to learn how to play on a server b4 you start being so stupid. To me my server brings the best players in and weeds out the ones that just want to be so stupid just leave. So to be honest i gave you so many times on unbanning you from being dumb i was tired of your little im 20 but act like im 10 bull crap you do so im done stop talking on my forums thanks!
  7. i got banned on you server for asking for help plz help me it looked like a realy good server


    1. mjclone


      your unbanned!

  8. To start: 1) Thanks for the post... 2) I dont troll I am down to earth guy 30 actually. 3) for being 21 you are a derp derp kid! 4) I banned you so many times but gave you so many chances to be good and act your age (21) HAAA LMAO 5) I only tell you to shut the "f" up if you go on and on about something we told you to shush about 20 times ago... 6) Outlaw is not kicked, he is actually one of my Donators... So yeah thats a bit fail on your part... 7) If you tell me where you live I would be more then happy to say hi in person. BRING IT! 8) I always have a legit reason to ban a player if
  9. wolfsqaud Thank you it took a long time to not have lag! But i got it working pretty good...
  10. I am the owner/admin i run it how i want i dont care how others run theirs... i make mine a very unique server... I seen the chat so dont even start... I seen you and another talking about it!!! I WILL NOT HAVE SERVER "HEY WANT TO JOIN" IN MY SERVER!!! ITS IN THE RULES!
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