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  1. - Server Update - For the next two weeks we are going to do a trial run where players can apply using the forums. So if you like the server and want to play, check out the first post of this thread
  2. The server crashed a few times a few days back, but its up and running properly again.
  3. Ok, got a new version with all the random TNT'ness removed. New link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7ant077rjsp98uw
  4. Ok, seems that if you download the map you get spammed with TNT for some reason. I'll have a look at it later and try to fix it :)
  5. So since some of the players were asking if our old world was going to be released publicly, and because of that I have now uploaded it. Below is a link where you can download it. The link will last 30 days after the last download, so it download it as fast as you can Download link: Old world download link
  6. Some of the buildings from the old world have now been copied over to the new world. These include the Spleef Arena and the Deathjump hardcour parcour arena. Come check them out in game.
  7. lol, you can put em here..Or in a private message. Or you can stalk me this evening when I am online ofcourse Lars Mod edit: don't sign your posts.
  8. - Server announcement - So lately we have come to realize lately that the world is becoming a bit clogged up with builds and houses. Lag is increasing because of all the big machines and factories, and for a lot of the more older players gameplay is becoming more boring because of the lack of a challenge. This combined with some other reasons have made us decide to do a world reset. The world reset is going to happen pretty quickly, since we want it done before our holiday ends. So the date it will be reset is Saturday, 5 January, 23:59 PM CET. We will take the next Sunday to work on the new map and get it ready, and it should be ready during that same day. We want to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel that by doing this a better experience will be available for more people. Regards, Lars, Mick, Timo and the rest of the Technicraft Staff
  9. So, how are we all liking the server? If you have any tips or suggestions on what could be changed and/or improved please let us know. We aim to have the best player experience possible and try to improve on it every day Lars Mod edit: don't sign your posts.
  10. - Server Update - The portforwarding is done. You can now use 'technicraft.beastnode.net' to join the server instead of the actual IP address. Can everyone remove the IP from his settings and use this instead? This so that if the IP ever changes that link will still work. Thanks in advance, Lars
  11. - Server Announcement - Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, First, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas or, happy holidays, in case you prefer that one...;-) We are happy to announce that we changed the provider where we rent our server. So hopefully we can provide a stable server again!. Due to the provider change, the IP address is changed too, but we were able to keep the server files, so nothing actually changes. By this we would like to inform you about one of the new functions: our new host provides our own mumble server too! So, if you don't have mumble yet, just download and install it from www.mumble.com, and log in. These are the settings you need to log in onto our mumble server: IP: Port: 63344 Password: Technimumble Now I hear you think; what the **** is the new IP for the server, well: Also, in a few days you will also be able to use 'technicraft.beastnode.net' to log in to the server too. We hope to see you again soon, Cheers, Lars, Mick and Timo Mod edit: don't sign your posts.
  12. - Server Update - We are currently working on setting up the minecraft server itself, it will be finished soon In the meantime, our brand new mumble server is set up already though, so if you want to talk to us, and get first hand information, join us Instructions: Download mumble @ http://www.mumble.com/get-mumble.php?OKEY=google_mum-mumble_mumble Once installed, go through the audio wizard. Afterwards, add a server with following information: IP: Port: 63344 Password: Technimumble User: Your Mincraft username And then you are done, join the server and talk (or chat) with us. P.S. This mumble server is hosted somewhere else then the minecraft server, so even if the mincraft server is down, the mumble server still works. Regards, Lars Mod edit: don't sign your posts.
  13. - Server Announcement - Dear Players, Recently we have had some issues with the uptime of the server. After looking at the causes we found out that some of them were causes by problems with our host. This together with the not all that good customer service has finally made us make the decision of switching hosting companies. What this will mean for you in short term: - The server will be down for atleast a few hours. In this time I will handle canceling our old subscription, setting up the new one and copying over all the files. This will not mean that the server will be reset. I am planning on copying over all the worlds and plugins, so on that part everything will stay the same. Even your inventories shouldn't be changed. What is also going to happen is that we will get a new IP address. What this will mean in the long run: - is that we will get a lot better performance out of the server, so we can run it 24/7 again. In addition with the server we will get a mumble server installed too, so you guys can chat with each other and us too! Server IP's will be posted on the forums as soon as the server is running and available, so keep checking this thread for more info. Thanks in advance, Lars and the Technicraft Server team. Mod edit: don't sign your posts.
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