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  1. If you want a reliable tekkit server to play on, you should join mine.

    IP: play.ragemc.com:30001

  2. to be honest, i have no idea how to install mods into minecraft :P
  3. I got the Technic Pack to use the Zeppelin Mod when i saw the Yogscast's Technic Pack Mod Review. My entire life was ruined (not really, just exaggerating) when i couldn't spawn anything of the zeppelin mod in the Technic Pack & the Tekkit Pack . I REALLY want to see the Zeppelin Mod in the Technic Pack. The reason for this is i wanted to make cool contraptions as well as being able to carry around a diamond generator or be able to bring a tank of water for myself. I honestly don't understand how to install mods into Minecraft (except for TMI and REI's Minimap). So yes, if they add that, my life will be complete (once again, just exaggerating).
  4. so does that mean i have a chance of being a staff? o_O i thought you would never reply!
  5. Hello, I am Dezitron and I would like to be a staff member on your server. I am new to Tekkit as well as the server itself, but I think I have attitude to take the responsibility that is given to admins. I will ban/kick anyone who breaks the rules, even if they are 1 of my best friends. I am 11, responsible, and I also know how most admins are extremely rude and I will NEVER turn into 1 of those admins. I am also 1 who LOVES to build, and your server could grow more & more. Tekkit is however something new to me, please do not impair me to be an op. Once again, my name is Dezitron, I am trustworthy, and I know how an admin SHOULD bahave (even though most admins don't). Please accept this application for an admin.
  6. Hello humans. I am an advanced animatronic device capable of destroying Minecraft. Of course, i won't do that, because i am a nice robot! :D

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