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  1. Not a part of your redneck agenda

  2. The other day my minecraft-freak cousin told me to download tekkit because it was amazing. I found that hackslash was my favorite mode to play from the technic launcher. However, I used a mac desktop while playing and I didn't have right click so I changed my controls for hackslash accordingly. I recently learned that you can set your mac mouse to have right click, so I did. Now that my mouse is normal and I should be able to attack, place and craft correctly, I changed my controls so that attack was "Button 1" again, instead of R. On the control settings, it says that attack is button 1, which must mean that left click and right click are the normal controls again. Guess not, because even though the controls say I've got default controls, whenever I resume playing, I can't even attack anything. Help me, please, so I can continue playing the most wonderful thing in the world without ragequitting because I can't dig, chop wood, kill things, or craft anymore. More info will be provided if needed. On a side note, I'm extremely sorry if I happen to have posted this is the wrong section. I'm definitely a newbie here and haven't gotten used to the forums yet. Move if needed, because I'm not even completely sure if this is something worthy of the 'bug' section (probably not). ***** TL;DR I want to know if there is a way I can reset my controls back to default without messing anything up more.