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  1. The forums are still being worked on. I said they were "under construction."
  2. Please follow the forums on http://mysterygamingus.weebly.com/
  3. I have added you as a member. Do you possibly have any experience with plugins? We are currently looking for a paid plugin specialist Added. Feel free to join Chupe!
  4. Accepted. I have added you to the whitelist You have been accepted as a member for right now, and will shortly be determined for builder.
  5. I need a plugin specialist who can help me out with some of the tekkit plugins such as: Towny PermissionsEX Automessage Deathsigns Group Manager and a few others. If you help me out, I will have no problem with making you admin or possibly co-owner. If you wish you get ahold of me, message me on here or join my ventrilo server. Hostname: mysterygaming.typefrag.com Port: 38838
  6. You have been accepted to the server. You don't need to fill out anymore applications I have accepted your application. You have been added to the whitelist
  7. Thank you for your application. I have added you to the whitelist. I have added you to the whitelist for the position of member.
  8. Application accepted. Added to whitelist. Application accepted. Added to whitelist. Feel free to join the server, open 24/7!
  9. Application accepted. What is your IGN? Thank you for your insightful post lol, and for the heads-up on the IGN. I have accepted your application as a member/builder and will add you to our whitelist. Your application has been denied for the position of member/builder. MysteryGaming is a mature gaming environment (17+). Please do not be offended. We wish you the best in finding an appropriate server!
  10. ♦UPDATE: LOOKING FOR PLUGIN SPECIALIST! PAID POSITION!♦ Who are we? MysteryGaming is a community that started back in 2012 in the United States, which strives towards fun and excitement with a multitude of games including (but not limited to): Minecraft Tekkit, Counter-Strike (other steam games), World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3, Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3), and more. What are we looking for? Currently, MysteryGaming has decided to start it's own server of tekkit, being introduced as Teknicraft. MG is looking for all the basic players of tekkit to help make this server amazing i.
  11. IGN: Jacobb1291 Age: 21 Experience with Tekkit: Was admin on my buddy's server for a few months. He quit so I ran my own server for a while. I quit playing for a bit and am now looking for a fun server to play in. How long you have been playing for: 2 Years off and on What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): When it comes to building, I'm not too awesome at the small details, but I am pretty good at building layouts and designs for small to big buildings. Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I'm a pretty cool guy and would be willing to help any way I can.
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