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  1. If you want a reliable tekkit server to play on, you should join mine.

    IP: play.ragemc.com:30001

  2. to killingman2, is there any way to know wether or not applicants have been chosen for staff positions?
  3. One of the most truthful things I have read on a forum in a long time. I wish more people had the integrity to stand up and say enough is enough.
  4. Hey, I saw you are recruiting for staff positions, and was hoping to apply. Im 17 years old, my name is James Cull, and my username is isaac1_D. I live in pacific standard time, in california, and can spend between 2 and 7 hours a day on the server if it is running, (weekends up to 10 hours if need be). Unfortunately I do not have any experience running servers, or modding any other servers, but if you ask the players on the non tekkit server Rulercraft (ip rulercraft.no-ip.org) namely ibryson912, or felinasasha, they can vouch for my trustworthyness, as I helped report an attempt at griefing a house, and a duplication glitch with enchanted items. I want to become a Moderator on the server, because I want to help out people who are new to the server, and get them acclimated to the environment/world more easily. I also want to be able to make interesting creations with the types of items and equipment that mods can use, in order to add an air of intruige to the world. In situations of griefing, or chat spamming, In the first offence I would try to be as civil as possible, and ask them to stop. Reminding them of the rules, (which by the way, I have been memorizing). On the second offence, I would kick them from the server temporarily, (unless this is not how things are done on the server, in which case I would do whatever I was instructed to do by the owner, or any higher ups of the server). The third time, I would ban them from the server, and tell the higher ups the actions I took, and include screenshots of the reasons for it as proof, and ask my superiors what action to take next. I hope this was a long enough, and informative application, and I hope to hear from whoever is in charge soon. James Cull.
  5. Hoping this is the place to apply for a staff position. Account is isaac1_D, been online learning the ropes for the last 2 weeks, and been learning tekkit for the last 2 days. Wanted to be in a server where I made a bigger difference.
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