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  1. I cant get on i have no idea why can you tell me the server name and ip it may be outdated or something
  2. If you want a reliable tekkit server to play on, you should join mine.

    IP: play.ragemc.com:30001

  3. Ok so first when will it be changed. 2nd will i get my donator perks if i dont [i donated for nothing]. 3rd when ever i try to play vanilla it says 'Update fail'
  4. Because if it does then [You cant just throw away everything] we can rebuild i relise everything is gone but Alot of servers can start over i do relise you have put in alot of work into the server i can understand that you can have restrictions with the people you chose. That and then i dont want my $30 down the drain
  5. Since its says staff and i already donated that doesnt matter I would like to apply for staff I am 13 years old i am experienced with tekkit If you can communicate with me i have xbox and my gamer tag is Soup man 2. I am a mod on another server and that server has been around for 4 years now and i am expirenced with people and and i do help others and i do respect the rules of servers I dont hack and i dont like hackers and i do say [Can i help with anything] if it is needed or i just say it for people that are shy I dont abuse powers and i do enforce most of the rules.
  6. Um hello im soup and i was the one who donated so can i be whitelisted?
  7. How was i breaking the rules i was using the slot machine i called it gay because it ate my money and he bans me because he thought i was gay i wasnt calling him gay
  8. Why did you ban me [Your Gay] wasnt for you Team i was talking to the slot machine bcause it ate up all my money
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