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  1. This server used to be a good server. Apparently something changed after a while and Malice decided that only the players who PAY to play his "free to play" server are more important than everyone else. One of the rules is that EE is banned and one of the big draws for donating is access to EE items. Other rules that are apparently unwritten that we should have known is that donators can't be PvP'd on the PvP server and doing anything to a donator that might make the donator angry is something you can be banned for. It seems odd to be that paying to play on a pvp server would turn it into a non-pvp server basically. I can understand giving people who donate something extra as an incentive but making them basically immune to anything that would make a pvp server fun is kinda not the point. If you want to play this server then I hope you have money to donate to Malice. If you do then you should have a good time, but if you don't donate then I hope you can abide but all the rules that are unwritten and prepare to tiptoe around anyone with a tag in chat that isn't [bro].
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