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  1. Hello y'all! I've been trying to figure out this problem for myself for the best part of a month (basically since the 24th December when Technic went down for the big update) so I decided it was time to share my burden with the community! (oh dear..) A bit of backstory: I had my modpack working, fully permissioned, about 100 mods, all going beautifully right up until the december update. For the entire time I had the pack working, the platform was accepting my modpack location in this format: " http://magfilms.co.uk/magpack/6.3.zip ". After the update, I now get an error message ( The Modpack Location you entered is not a valid location.) every time I enter a url on any of my domains on there! I've tried the following: My main domain (magfilms.co.uk) in it's original format and with text only, no numerics (didn't work) My personal .xyz domain in the same formats (didn't work) Another .co.uk domain in the same formats (also didn't work) Setting up solder on a virtual machine on my server (Havne't worked it out yet) However, the following did work: A techincally invalid (indirect) url from mega.com (was accepted but the pack didn't download) A direct link to a non-existant zip file on a .com domain I don't own (was accepted but the pack didn't download) (http://magpack.com/magpack.zip) This leaves me to conclude that when you input a domain into the platform, it doesn't actually check for a valid zip file, rather checks for correct link syntax. If this is the case, then I can only guess the Technic Team in all their great wisdom have forgotten about poor old easily forgotten .co.uk and .xyz in their syntax checking algorithm, in which case I'd be much obliged to you if you could fix it Thanks for any help in advance!!
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