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  1. - What is your in game name(minecraft username)?catwood99 and Zochobo - Name one rule of the server. No griefing! - Why do you want to join the server? We want a no-greif server that we can build (almost) freely and not have to hide from/distrust everyone else. - What do you expect from the server? For it to be fun, and that is up most of the time.
  2. I found a way to see if it is working or not. In your launcher's options open up the console. If when it freezes then check to see if the console is flooding with script. If it is, then it should be loading. If not, then it has froze.
  3. Hello peoples, I would like to show you the start of an amazing factory I have started to build. I have already put hours of time into it but this is how far I've got so far. Hope you enjoy! (sorry no pics, it won't work for some reason
  4. playing lots of technic smp and ssp

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