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  1. This creation has already been finished, the co-owner also decided he didnt wanted anyone to help anymore since we nearly completed it. This was quite a while ago. We also stopped developping the server since about 2 months. In about a month I will pick it up again. Anyway, this creation wasnt downloaded. I've made it for about 80%, The idea came from the co-owner and basic architecture was done by me, the interieur was all in co-oporation with the co-owner. Anyway when the server is online you guys are more then welcome, You'll notice soon enough when I post an server launch topic. We are also running out of admins and moderators. So we will take a look, the first months if we could promote someone to admin. Anyway, it will take some time before the server launch comes.
  2. Well, we already have a custom build survival world, even nicer and better then this one, at the moment we were too buizzy to continue developping this server, but i'm getting in the mood again, I'll probobaly finish up the last things after my vacation. I'm hoping for about 10 people online constantly, simply because tekkit classic isnt crowded anymore. Quite a shame, developping over a year. More frustrating is that It could have only took a month but with every single good idea we came up with we delayed the launch resulting into perfection. But what does perfection means for something if barely someone uses it? So, I'm hoping for a small community. The most problematic thing of our server is that people will need to understand and see it's potention rater then logging in, taking a quick look and logg off again. Simply because we have over 100 artish creations scatered around the worlds being secrets or monuments. The perfect setup if there only were more players because between the 100 there is atleast one curious enough to furder explore the gameplay we created. My opinion as co-builder of this server is that this server isnt what servers stand for. The gameplay, even with 5 people around reminds me of the gameplay of runescape or guildwars for example. But back to the creation... Believe it or not, this was the most simple creation we ever made, put some data into a generator and let it work out itself.
  3. Hmm, interesting... I'll might be able to help you out a bit but you should have went to an hardware forum. Anyway lets explain some things. Lets start with the diffrence between a laptop & desktop. A desktop with a I3 processor, 4GB ram, Harddrive and onbord gpu will give you better performance then a laptop with a i7, 8GB ram and a offboard GPU. This is because of the heat a laptop produces, all of the compoments will give 30% less performance, if the same components are put into a desktop it will give 30% more performance because of the better cooling. But that's not all... Desktops live longer and they are cheaper. So lets see if I could make a little list for you Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Optical Drive: LG Multispin x36 SSD: OCZ Agility 120GB RAM: Patriod DDR3 1600MHz 8GB (2 modules) HDD: Seagate Baracude 1TB 7200 RPM Cache 32MB Case: Advance littlebox 6016 (480W PSU Included) CPU/Proccesor: i3 3.3 MHZ Socket 1155 This will cost you around 500-700 USD, I'll recommend doing some research and build it yourself. If you'll do things will chance but this is a nice set to start with. But you could also just buy it at the shop but that will cost you around 800-900 USD and these components in a laptop? that will be around 900-1000 USD. Oh and some extra handy tips, Gaming computers requires a good GPU. Rendering and video editting requires a good CPU. I´ll recommend using 8GB Ram but you could always go up to 16GB. Feel free to ask me any questions if you'll like
  4. Hello everyone, the day is nearly there to announce our server to the public after 6 months of maintaince. I'm shure some of you have already seen some sneak previews of this server and it's content. But, after hearing many opinions about ''how alive is tekkit classic'' I've started to doubt. And ofcourse we will launch our server but as being a player you dont want to be dissapointed. The same counts for the server owners. So my question is... How alive is Tekkit Classic, will there still be people playing? It would be a huge waste of those 6 months developping simply because we strive for perfection and this is what we currently have. Massive things sorted out in the smallest details. A fully complete RPG gameplay experience with quests and complete custom build adventure maps. Each of them with the goal to be better then whatever we have found on youtube, google and ofcourse all kinds of tekkit forums. The practical idea I have now is to launch the server anyway and while being online it will cost some more time but I will work backstage on another server to make the server up to date with the newest CB. Thanks for reading if you did, but like I said all I want to ask with this topic is if tekkit classic is still alive?
  5. After some intens research I've tried over 3 days to understand how terraincontrol works, And I assume I've finaly did it! After the world was generated there was only one isle whereafter I generated another one and combined them togheter to get a nice result wich is displayed below: Hope you guys like it! (This map isn't for download as it is property of TAC- The Ancient Creators (Server) )
  6. You'd better get glass fibre & 100Mbit up down, about 60USD a month if you do some deep research, You could also attatch a hardware firewall to protect the server from Ddossing, If you guarantee an uptime above 80% (You'l godda need a verry good provider) Then you might attract some real, good customers Altough its still a nice server in case people of the same country join, this server probaly host up to 20-30 people. So it will make a nice clan/guild server. Good luck hosting man! And, nice upload for an regular connection
  7. Ah, oh. Runescape, thats going to be quite big. Ill wish you luck!
  8. Ok, I just didnt wanted anyone to be mistaken, creating sutch a thing in regular minecraft would be way more awesome then in tekkit with miniblocks. Thats why
  9. @Industrial Miner Can you imagen I did like 80% off that by my self XD (It took a week) And then Imagen what 3 of the same kind persons (including me) did over 4 months, the results are to be proud of [Edit] here is a similar preview http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/mini-sneak-preview-cherry-blossom-art-creation.41815/ @Jay Thanks ( And, I assume you meant tekkit instead of minecraft )
  10. Hello everyone, Im sorry for saying that this map isnt for download but soon will be playable on our tekkit classic server. But before we launch we have serval other things to do. I could also glady say that we will make a video of every single creation! In case this will fit in the left over time we have wich is 1 month exeacly from today! So about this creation, we have created a Adventure route of the mines of moria and If people want we'll might expand it to Isengard and even more. Anyway the creation shown in this picture is about 1/7 of the total size the Moria adventure route is. Then, the purpose of this creation.. Shop. (Yes really thats it) Just one simple shop found within a minute walking. But the idea behind the whole creation is that we show how far we go on our server in order to perfect it, for example the most bottom 2 pictures which is a creation for credits only! (Wich isn't large because we aren't with much people) Hope you like it! [Mines of Moria] Shops, see discription for explaination. [Credits Hall] See Discription for explaination.
  11. I guess wool would do the job. But I like it as it is, simple with harmony And enough light for my opinion haha. @Munaus, thats what an Cherry Blossom tree is supposed to be Pink-ish But I guess you already knew that, and well... It isnt exacly my building style either but It came out nice Oh, p.s. (Multiply this tree by about 100 times and you have our "not pink" god tree, but I can't show that creation until the Promo-vid launches wich is amazing by the way ) Anyway, when it does it wont be a problem to find it, just look through the forum for my name because all creations (as nice and even better as this one is) will be posted in the timespan of a week. Each day one creation. And if the co-owner agrees it will all be on video :)
  12. Cherry Blossoms yea, the uhm name of the type tree which was the inspiration of this creation except for the white wood ofcourse :p
  13. I couldn't let showing off this (for my opinion) great looking creation I've just finished, which actualy isnt the nicest one but is without a doubt the best creation on this server if we speak about harmony. My little brother came up with the idea after various designs and try-outs of a tree wich purpose is nothing less or more then just the looks. Anyway, Its a pain in the ass not letting myself show you more of our creations, tell you about the gameplay we offer and the extra`s but i've promised the staff and myself not to reveal too much until the server's official launch So, hope you guys like our brand new art-ish creation Reactions are welcome, either positive or negative. Im in a good mood so i can take it
  14. Hello everyone, well as this is a common problem I dont need to explain it in much furder detail. Anyway, this is quite diffrent from the ''common'' problems because I dont run this server on my own computer. No, we rent it as in a shared server. And as far as i could figure thats where the problem lies. But I just wanted to be shure before we inform the Host about this. So to get it all straight... We have a shared server, wich could cause an Ip conflict resulting in this error. If you guys could support this we will might switch hosts since it isnt the first time this happend. So, if you guys could confirm this with being 100% shure about it, it would be of great help for the future of our server. Luckey we are still in the maintain stage and we Absolutely dont want this to happen when its online. Thanks for the info/advice guys!
  15. Ohh, thats not needed we re already done with that part the computer screens tutorials on it etc its really just the building at the moment But thanks for replying and offering your help :)
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