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  1. You both were probably banned because you broke one block in a warp accidentally or not. You were banned by one of the moderators, not me. The logs can be hard to read, I have made the same mistake in the past. I will unban you, sry for this inconvenience.
  2. Yeah the server went down when I was sleeping and couldn't have done anything about it. The lag seems to have gone away for now, but I will be keeping an eye on it.
  3. Did you do this? Dunno if you have to clear cache too, but if it doesn't work then you should try that too.
  4. The logs told me you had griefed a house and I had to rollback the damage. Gonna check it again just to be sure. EDIT: Alright, you only did small damage to the house, like a couple of holes and that's not something I usually ban for. You probably lit the house on fire too but unfortunately for you, fire doesn't really destroy anything. I'm gonna unban you for now. Altho if I find out you have griefed other houses or that you grief more then I'll ban you again and this time forever. And yeah, killing ppl is allowed.
  5. Nothing's up with the server. Mojang's multiplayer session servers are down so no1 can connect to any server unless they're in offline mode. You can see when they come online at help.mojang.com
  6. Matmos just notifies you that your version of it is outdated. You can update it or choose to ignore it. It basically does all the environmental sounds in tekkit that vanilla minecraft doesn't have or something.
  7. In the launcher (before you login) go to options and choose 'Always use recommended builds'. If that doesn't work then choose 'Manual build selection' and choose 3.1.2 from the list. The server will update to 3.1.3 once the recommended build is changed to 3.1.3
  8. Please don't doublepost. And yes, I'll look into it once me and him are both online.
  9. @Rythian I'll keep your application in mind. Also, I'm thinking of installing many new plugins to allow people to purchase lots of new stuff to do in the condenser disabled world. More info on that later. :)
  10. Thank you, that's good to know. In other news: The mining laser is now banned in the world with condenser disabled. This is because it was too easy to get diamonds with it.
  11. Thank you for the applications. I'll keep them in mind when I try to determine do I want you to be a moderator in the server. There have been some problems with logging in to the server. Something about "login failed". It might have something to do with technic launcher or minecraft servers so I'm gonna follow the situation for a few days and if the problems continue I'll start investigating what might be causing them. In case it says "login failed" to anyone who is reading this, just keep trying. I sometimes get it too when I try to connect to the server, but when I try again I usually get in.
  12. @Bailey Your application has been denied based on your behaviour in the server. @timmy Your application has been accepted. I'll give you moderator status and some info next time we are both online.
  13. We have now installed the tombstone plugin so that every time you die you get a tombstone that contains all your stuff. This prevents people losing their stuff in glitch or something like that. Also, the resource world has now been reset in the Condenser Disabled world so there's a lot of resources to be taken. :)
  14. There's still room for more players! I have been fixing some glitches all around the server like some stuff not working correctly but at least some of those are now fixed. Please tell me if you run into any issues in the server and I will try to take care of them as fast as I can. :)
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