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  1. We are moving to a new dedicated server in the next 24 hours hopefully a much faster server
  2. That is true how cam you expect our staff to help, some one who comes on breaking rules any way?
  3. Do you not know how to add a ip? The ip is: Tekkit.SchemeSanctum.com There is no whitelist any one can get on with the newest tekkit
  4. Sorry guys we have now fixed all the problems with the server running on the wrong port. You can now connect via the ip: Tekkit.schemesanctum.com Dont add any ports on the end accept for 25565 if your minecraft does not have that as the basic port
  5. its intentional /back takes you back to the last point you teleported to
  6. very sorry guys the problem was the port and messing with out ftb server so the new ip is tekkit.schemesanctum.com:25564
  7. Its all done now:) we had to also fix a problem with the version of java we where running but thats all fixed now to.
  8. Tekkit 1.5.1 Server: Tekkit.SchemeSanctum.com

  9. They really need to fix that armour dupe! its just the fact the player does not even need to make an effort to dupe. Does any one have a guess when it will be patched?
  10. Try tekkit.schemesanctum.com has basically no banned items apart from binder and has all those essentials commands you want.
  11. the binder is limited, due to if we aloud it people could spam making dimensions that would cause allot of lag, although the server has great specs it would be very hard to have mystcraft not limited at all.
  12. are theere not many other server owners with this problem then?
  13. well you cant really ban Galaticraft....
  14. There is currently this really annoying dupe bug, where it randomly dupes armour and puts the duped armour in the galaticraft slots. Does any one know anything about this or how to fix it?
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