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  1. Username: indyger Age: 30 What do you wish to accomplish?: I want to play Multiplayer and have a little bit fun... Have you ever used IC2 or Buildcraft? for sure.... What is the function of a macerator? break structures into dust Other:
  2. At this moment, i see, that i can't place a ice- oder snoblock manually in the reactorchamber. Is the cooling stuff changed?
  3. Hi folks, iv'e git a lttle problem. I cool my reactor with iceblocks from my ice-machine. The ice machine ist connected via pneumatic tubes (Redpower) to th top of the reactor. In Tekkit-Classic it worked fine. Now i need to turn on the reactor again in 0.5.1 and 0.5.7 and the ice get not stored in den reactor. 2-6 iceblocks get in and the rest is falling on the ground. There no difference between online and offline reactor. Anyone the same problem? Have a nice sunday!
  4. Great thank you! Since the update, the bug is fixed :-).
  5. Hi guys, I've updatete my tekkit-classic server to tekkit-lite. Everthing's fine :-). But one little problem: If io take a hot bath in fresh lava, nothing happens. But when i go out of the lava i burn. That's normal, i know. But nor the problem: My full charged Quantum-Armor doesn't protect me against fire. When my body is on fire, i lose hearts. I found nothing on google to this problem. Is it a bug? Or a Change in IC²? Best regards :)
  6. Hi folks, this is my first post in this forum and i hope, i'd found the right subforum. I've bis problems to install the Shaders for my tekkit. I'd tried this (http://www.fourdegrees.co.uk/index.php/forum4/7-minecraft/2178-tekkit--fancy-shaders?limit=6&start=12) Howto, but it doesn't work. Tekkit (Minecraft 1.2.5) start without error and everything is fine. But there are no shaders. In der modpack.jar and the minecraft.jar are no folders "shaders" createt. If i create the manually and put the shaderfiles in the right directory, nothing happen. Has anyone a little tip for me?
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