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  1. You may need to convert the evergy to LV. Have it as: 3 HV Solar Panels > Fiber optic cable > MFSU > Fiber optic > MV transformer (Make it go into the side with 3 pins and come out of the one with 1) > fiber optic cable > LV transformer (Make it go into the side with 3 pins and come out of the one with 1)> fiber optic cable > energy link.
  2. It's coming up to half way through. Keep buliding!
  3. Not really, it can be as tall as you like and just about as big. Just not gigantic.
  4. It could be any amount of houses. But probably around 20.
  5. It's all up to you. You can have as many reactors as you like and and design. Perhaps you could make say 2 rows of ice and 2 generators. It's all up to you though. I once saw a reactor that pumped out the empty uranium and put more in. You could easily do that with advanced wooden pipes.
  6. Welcome everybody to my nuclear reactor contest! Rules: I am allowed to use your world on my server You must email me your world Things the reactor must have: Automatic shutdown Must be fully automated I must be able to control the output. So say someone pays a diamond for an MFSU full of energy, I put a wire leading to their house and then type 10000000 and the house number into a computer and it will stop sending energy at 10000000. Prizes: VIP on my server when it is ready 5$ via PayPal Things you will be judged on: Rea
  7. Man that must suck. I can't wait for the download though.
  8. Please provide the world download. That's amazing!
  9. Launcher Version: Operating System: Mac OS X Snow Leopard Java Version: Don't know Antivirus Program: N/A Description of Problem: When I launch a world that I installed (Can be found here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/nuclear-reactor-complex-as-built-by-an-electrical-engineer.8865/ ) it just whitescreens. I have tried with another world and it is fine. Error Messages: Error Log: [22:07:24] [sEVERE] at ko.e(ChunkProvider.java:144) [22:07:24] [sEVERE] at ko.c(ChunkProvider.java:92) [22:07:24] [sEVERE] at ko.b(ChunkProvider.java:128) [22:07:24] [sEVERE
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