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  1. Research ruins the fun in the chase, I prefer to make things up as I go and as time goes on make my pi more adaptable to running things like this.
  2. Thanks but one last question how do I get it to run because my raspberrypi doesn't use .bat to run things any suggestions? (lx terminal maybe?)
  3. Really because from what I've seen it seems like it may need more than just that to run
  4. I have a couple RaspberryPi's laying around and I was wondering if there was any way a Tekkit Lite server could be ran off of one of them (The one I'm planning on using is overclocked to 1Ghz). How easy would it be to try to port over the files so it could work and what are the minimal Tekkit Lite server to run ^Link to official raspberrypi website to see what it is^
  5. Ventrilo is a program used by gamers it's really easy to use but for now I guess I'll just make a skype
  6. That would be amazing do you use ventrilo? If not I can make a skype and we can chat. Do you have a mic?
  7. I would but I don't want to give my friends and others a hassle of installing the mod manually but thanks anyways.
  8. Hello I was just wondering does anyone know where I can find a download of Tekkit 2.1.0 server files. I want to run a server in 2.1.0 because it still has forestry mod which I believe makes tekkit 1000000 times better. Thank you to whoever can help me with this.