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  1. INFO Ip Server Info BuilderCraft is minecraft community we got now 3 servers newest is this tekkit so feel free to join every server got different staff. so feel free to apply for staff we hope you like our server. our other servers are Sky Factory and FTB Monster. Time up server is hosted in dedicated host so up time is 99% if it crashes somehow control panel auto restarts it so there shouldn't be much down time and there aint lag either only reasons server might be down is maintenance or some kinda error on host side Rules: 1. No Griefing 2.No Spam 3.No Advertising 4.No Cursing 5.No Racism 6.No 1x1 Towers 7. No Full Caps Messages 8. Respect All 9. No Trolling/Flaming 10. No Building Near Spawn Banned Items: Builder's Wand Rift Blade : Bypass Protect Turtles: Only For M Vip or higher Force Field: Only For E Vip or higher Mystcraft: Only For Vip or higher Cannon : Bypass Protect Chunk loaders/anchors: Causes Lag Staff : Owner Janmo96
  2. im looking for desinger as a staff rank for my server its very new and i aint good with banners etc so would need help we can discuss perms if u want to do it
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