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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering why IndustrialCraft was removed from the big dig pack and if there is any chance of getting them to put it back in. Does anybody know anything about this?
  2. Hey fellow diggers! I was wondering if there is a Subreddit dedicated to Big Dig Pack yet. any information would be appreciated
  3. I dont think that can be it because it is also impossible for me to make multiblock farm blocks such as the base farm block, valves, controls, or gearboxes
  4. Hello fellow players! I am having a problem creating any sort of arboretum, I can look it up in NEI but when i strike the "R" key it doesn't tell me the recipe, furthermore if I put the recipe into a crafting table I am still unable to craft them how can I fix this?
  5. Guys! we Won!!!! but we gotta keep voting because Aether is constantly getting votes, we gotta stay ahead!
  6. nice guys! we got 51 votes yesterday! only 70 more to go
  7. We are now the Second highest voted mod except for Aether, wh beat Thaumcraft, Tropicraft, and ExtraBoimes XL. keep up the good work 125 votes to go!
  8. NICE JOB GUYS, less than 200 votes until we beat Aether
  9. ok guy, you're doing an awesome job, only 242 loft to go! keep up the awesome work!
  10. Noce job guys! only 300votes to go, even though, I'm pretty sure this thread hasn't even gotten 100 views... STILL
  11. it only needs about 400 votes to beat the aether mod
  12. EVERYBODY, go to this minecraft forums page and vote to get this pack http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1182714-13112w32a-32x-64x-128x-256x-512x-◖◖-r3dcraft-◗◗-default-realism-90-done/ compatible with tekkit, it just makes takes the default texture and adds detail on the higher pixel level IMAGES: Check out the forum thread for Videos and more info
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