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  1. OK removed my post because it is wrong, wrong, wrong!
  2. A grief zone kind of beats the point a griefing. Also, why would people build in the grief zone if they can get griefed?
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I will take that into consideration :)
  4. The minimum for most hosts is around 350-400MB. I only want to use the server for bout 3 people and the hosts say that this should be suitable for a maximum of five players. Should I go with the cheapest option or is it worth spending a bit more?
  5. When you used Hamachi, did you use the IP address that Hamchi gives you, or you actual IP adress. Also did your friends have Hamachi and if so did they join your network?
  6. I'm usiing an energy link to power a quarry in this configuration: Solar panels > MFSU > MV transformer > LV transformer > Energy Link > Wooden conductive pipe > Gold conductive pipe > Quarry. However there is no blue line running through the buildcraft pipes and the quarry is not being powered. I am using glass fibre cables but I thought they might be going a bit far so I set up the energy link in the same configuration closer to the MFSU and still nothing. The MFSU and transformers are set up correctly because my IC2 machines are running perfectly off of them. Forestry is installed on this server and I have the same problem with electrical engines. I connect them to the glass fibre cable (without energy link) but they get no power. I have tested both the energy link and electrical engines on SSP and they work fine. I thought maybe that the version of Forestry wasn't compatible with the versions of IC2 and Buildcraft the server is running, but I dismissed this as the Forestry ores are compatible with IC2 crafting recipies and are recognized by macerators as their IC2 couterparts. Please help.