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  1. Aloha folks! Smee again! Fancy a tour of the server? Here's Bridgeton for you
  2. Lately in onicraft: We got 2700 members (WOOHOO!) New Haven gained 3 outposts (and are open for new members!) Tycopolis became an official Towny town (and needs more members!!!) Construction began on a new outpost for Bento (who also need new members!) We started beta testing for our FTB server (ohmygosh!) Mac is working on our first Capture the Wool arena We hosted Lapse Town Phase One (Wait there's gonna be a phase two? AWESOME!) And all this is within just the last couple of weeks! Busy busy busy! Come join us and join in!
  3. Aloha folks! Tekkit's a relatively new addition to Oni, and hugely popular With so many people around, it's as active as our bukkit server, and definitely worth checking out!
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