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  1. Hey everyone. My house was broken into and both of my laptops were stolen, along with a bunch of other things. Thankfully I had them insured and one has already been replaced. I've just set up everything on this laptop, which will temporarily host it until I get my other one replaced. Let me know if anyone cant get on and sorry about the downtime. The upside is all of my laptop components are nice and new!
  2. Restarted the server, definitely noahwhygodwhy. Try again. If not, I'm not sure what the issue is, I just had someone else on. Edit: Fixed
  3. Server is up. I've made temporary home in a village at 220 260. Let me know if anyone can't get on. Enjoy!
  4. So originally I wasn't going to accept players under 16, but I'm not bothered to be honest. So just to clarify, swearing is allowed, so if anyone is offended by it, tough luck- you've been warned. Accepted players: samonjourus noahwhygodwhy Lumphomoid thoriail B1uedog Starl0l Frostblooded Cathy_nor jamkill I just got home from work so I'm restarting the server and then I'll add your names to the whitelist, so give me 20 minutes!
  5. This is my first server, I got bored of playing by myself so figured I would allow others to join in. I will be starting the server with a fresh new map, random seed. Mostly looking for people who want to build awesome stuff, but who also are willing to let others take part in their creations! Server IP Server rules -No PvP unless both parties have agreed on it. I will allow at least one arena. -No griefing. -No stealing. All items in chests are to be left untouched unless they were spawned with the map (if in doubt, don't touch it). -Don't destroy other people's creations. -Swearing is allowed, but no racism. -No spamming/advertising etc. -If you are helping someone else with their creations, please be respectful of their wishes. -Breaking any of the above rules will lead to a permanent ban. Use common sense, if you think another player wont like what you're about to do, don't do it. Banned Items No world anchors, for now all other items are allowed within reason. The expected uptime of the server Currently down but will be up 24/7 once I restart it (once I have at least one application I'll stick it back online). Application: IGN: Age: Experience: Kind of thing you are wanting to build: Daily amount of time you expect to spend on server: How long will you expect to play on the server (days,weeks,months?): See you soon!
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