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  1. Hey guys, we've updated to Tekkit 3.1.3 so make sure you update Tekkit! Thanks.
  2. Server IP: Hey! I'm a pretty experienced server owner, and I've been running this Tekkit server for the past 10 months however I've never made a post on the Technic site! So far I'd say the server is pretty popular, with 20 people on during weekdays and usually maxed on weekends. Join our fun community and work with others to make awesome Tekkit creations, or become ruler of the server and dominate your opponents in PvP. The server uptime is 24/7, with rare exceptions like updating plugins or a server crash. We have ZERO tolerance for greifing or hacking and you WILL be banned for either. Anyways, if this server sounds interesting to you then you should give it a try, as there is no whitelist or application process. We're looking for a more mature community, but honestly I don't care if you're 7 or 70. Just have fun! HAYO! Server rules: No spawnkilling No greifing No stealing No PvP logging or teleporting away No lag machines No swearing, racism, or all caps (15 min mute) No mods are disabled! We do however have a couple banned items, mostly because of greifing issues but also because of server crashes. The list of banned items are as follow. Nukes (Greifing issues) Watch of Flowing Time (Lag and also annoying) Abyss Helmet (Lightning spam ruins PvP) Mercurial Eye (Bypasses protection) Alchemical Tome (Can transmute banned items) Balkon's Dynamite (Can't be logged) Evertide Amulet (Water.... Water everywhere...) Ender Chests (Encountered a crash, just use alchemical bags) Nova Catalysts (Greifing) DM Pedestal (Lag issues) Volcanite Amulet (Lava... Lava everywhere....) Deployer (Server crash issue, hopefully fixed in next redpower) Chunk Loaders (Unnecessary lag) Archangels Smite (Arrow spam ruins PvP) Crystal Chest (Unnecessary lag) DM/RM Hammers (Bypasses spawn protection and can't be logged) RM Katar(Same as above ^) DM/RM Axes (Same as above^) Ok well that's it for the banned items! Onto the major plugins on the server if you really want to know, or care! Buycraft Disablecraft Essentials IP Log Logblock NoItem PermissionsEx SimpleHelpTickets TekkitRestrict Votifier WorldBorder WorldEdit WorldGuard Now for some pictures of the server, in case you aren't already convinced A nice SEXY picture of spawn from above. Don't say it isn't sexy, cause I know it is! Now, I'm not taking any credit for that beauty, it's all natural baby! Redpower FTW! An epic skybase created by Okami_Neko27. Looking good!