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  1. Me and Omega are building Black Mesa, right after we finish Liberty Isle.
  2. I tried this today with rum, I have yet to try it with beer but I assume it's the same thing. But when I got like 8 mugs and filled them all with rum from the same barrel at the same time, they all had different damage values. The different damage values means I can't sell them in Trade-O-Mats, I tried and it didn't work. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I really want to sell rum and beer at my bar.
  3. Here is a picture of our new spawn, built by VermilionX. This spawn include some basic machines, apiarys, and rules and helpful guides to get started in the world of OniTech.
  4. This is my favorite tekkit server that I have ever played on! The community is nice and helpfull. And all of our extra mods really do make the game a blast. The removal of EE is amazing in my opinion, we now have to work for our things instead of magicly condesing them. I would reccomend this server to any tekkit player, new or old.
  5. This tekkit server is amazing, they have nerfed EE just right in my opinion. The community is freaking amazing and very helpfull. When I first logged onto tekkit, everyone helped me and now I know much more about tekkit. This is literally the best server I have ever played on.
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