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  1. I have updated the OP to show our new recommended server the TC server is still up though
  2. Pack update coming in the next day or two, this will hopefully fix a few issues -Fixed item conflicts -Removed Compact Solar Arrays -Added Basic Components
  3. sorry I haven't been able to get on much busy irl currently, however I am still working on things in the background.
  4. Updated the way the server runs java, should fix anybody that was getting disconnected at random times for no reason
  5. Just so people know, I will be polishing this OP up a bit and still have alot to do for the new website but as I get updates I will let you guys know how you guys like the new server
  6. Parsonage is an up to date server with experienced staff and a friendly community. Looking for valued players such as yourself if your reading this Parsonage comes equipped with its own custom modpack and a whole can of woop ....... butt The Parsonage experience is a modpack and multiplayer server made for that modpack to allow for a group of balanced mods for focus on improving three major areas of your gaming experience and simply watching how they blend together. Those three main focal points are tech, cosmetics, and farming. Tech: Tech is the most common area improved on in modpacks simply because there is so little of it in Minecraft. The collection of mods in our pack offer multiple ways to automate your setup for farming, resource gathering, resource processing, or anything else you can think of. Cosmetics: Maybe you're not into tech or maybe you are but you want to look fancy while you're at it. We have mods that add a desirable selection to Minecraft so you can design YOUR creation the way YOU want it. Farming: Last but not least farming; let's be honest, this used to be one of the simplest features of Minecraft and even then it was addicting, lets add "TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE new foods" just for starters and tell me you will be able to stop farming. These three focal points are very diverse areas for a mod pack to target but parsonage aims to integrate them to work as one and create one kickbutt modpack that is stable enough to run on a high volume server. *limited* PVP *limited* Griefing Residence Essentials Rollback Protection McMMO (coming soon) Player Economy(coming soon) Friendly Community Dynmap (coming soon) Online 24/7 No Whitelist No spamming chat No advertising other servers Dont be a douchebag No pvping/griefing on the overworld To explain the limited PVP and limited griefing a little better, the overworld (the world you start in) is quite safe, all you have to worry about is mobs and forgetting to setup a residence (to protect your stuff), however some items can not be used in the overworld (this is to ensure items that can bypass residence cannot be used to grief) so to use stuff like turtles and quarrys you have to go to another world where pvp and griefing is allowed. Since so many people come to the server afraid of griefing, not knowing about residence. I decided to write a section to explain how easy it is to protect your stuff and yourself from griefers on Parsonage. Players can spend a matter of seconds to buy or create their own residence. This in turn lets a player control what happens in there very own home. They can control whether monsters are on it, who can have access to the land, who can build on the land, ect. So have no fear you can play on Parsonage without some troll coming to ruin your day. McMMO (coming soon) lets you gain levels and receive rewards for the work you do. Think role playing. I have no idea why you would want to read this, but I feel if you really want to get to know our server before you join the best way is to know what we are about and where we came from. Starting off back in the day, I remember being hooked on Minecraft and finding out to no surprise a few of my friends were too. Out of that I made a bukkit server for me and friends to play on. I had to shut it down due to real life events but then saw Technic after never having played a single mod before and just HAD TO TRY IT that led to me an a few friends playing a server hosted off my machine and then BAM Tekkit hits and I'm like I have to get the server going again. So I decided to take Parsonage public when Tekkit 2.1.1 came out since then it has GROWN more than I ever expected. We have had our incidents much like every other server and unfortunately lost good players along the way because of them, but we drove on and that how we got to where we are today. We are always welcoming new players whether its players new to Parsonage or new to Modding. I hope you will give us a try. Website: Get the modpack here:
  7. Its been awhile since I posted on here, and to be honest I took an EXTENSIVE break from minecraft, I just wanted to let you guys know that our server of "Tekkit Classic" will remain active but I plan on launching a new server as well for Tekkit
  8. Would you please be so nice and list more of your favourites tekkit plugins?

  9. Today we had a new map reset and decided that with recent issues, we are simply leaving the spawn a little npc village for the time being
  10. while I love how fast you patch things and continue to support tekkit, I just thought Id point out its still throwing out an error, not sure if its me or not,
  11. Kitsune chat ask the dev for a copy of the tekkit compatible version
  12. we were in the middle of a site transfer and our forums were acting up the past 2 or 3 days should be up and running now srry about that
  13. It pains me to say this guys but due to request from ALOT of you the map is going to be reset TONIGHT that way no one has to bear waiting for the reboot. The world has been corrupted and is causing server lag I know alot of you are upset and I guarntee you I am as well, I hope to build again with you.
  14. I will add to the description also on a side note I applogize to everyone for our downtime, we had some issues with our box we should be back up and good to go