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  1. Well thanks for the help than. Some more info. I've never been able to connect to any of my previous servers using my external ip, even though all my friends could still connect. I'm positive my firewall isn't blocking anything since its completely off and I'm positive my port is opened considering I've ran bukkit and regular minecraft servers for the past 2 years for my friends and the ip must be correct seeing that it is the same ip my friends used for my past servers.
  2. Just tried removing the port number, but that didn't seem to do anything. When i connect directly it works, but the external ip doesn't.
  3. I've given my friends my external ip and when they attempt a login I don't see even see login attempts in the server window. I've hosted a bukkit server and regular minecraft server before and can not for the life of me fathom why this crap won't work for me and it seems only me. I've scoured the internet for anything relating to the problem I have and the few posts I find on it just get ignored. I've followed steps to videos and even tried using hamachi (never again I hate that shit). So I would be eternally grateful for any help, thanks.
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