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  1. So I take my computer which has the server between my place with my roomate and a friends house. A couple days ago when I went to my friends house my roomate started lagging when he connected. When I brought it back my friend started lagging but my roomate no longer did. I never experienced any kind of lagg. Any suggestions? Both routers have ports forwarded both houses have great internet I tried putting the server on my friends computer but same issue I have a generic router from my internet company My friend has the best router money can buy
  2. Found it you cant use insulated copper cables for some outlandish reason try it with tin cable (ultra-low-current cable)
  3. Yeah having the same problem with water that I placed although Seems like it works fine in natural water. But its not even about what water its in some of them wont function even with max water in them from water buckets never ever had a problem with water mills before lite either broke something or changed something.
  4. I found a soulution to this some one on the forums in another post made a custom jar for it ty so much Dadealus http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/serious-entity-bug-with-tekkit-server-3-1-1.17873/ https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36903976/Spigot/craftbukkit-1.2.5-R4.1-MCPC-SNAPSHOT.jar
  5. Searching for weeks for a mod that is compatible with tekkit to simply increase the range monsters will target you from. Mods like monster apocalypse, bloodmoon, etc dont seem to work because of the API.
  6. I posted a question in the questions section because I wanted it answered. Granted I'm on my phone and judging by ur completly useless response it must be the wrong one. Honestly in the time u took to be an a&*$*%# u coulda given me an answer. Go be worthless somewhere else. Now since this is such a laughable question I guess ill have to elaborate in order to get an intelligent response. In the vanilla server properties I ha e easily set a server wide texture but for some reason that option is missing in the tekkit sever properties. So without that option I'm lost because there's nothing on this forum that I can find to help me out. I hope its not too much to ask for people to show some respect and help out a frustrated fellow miner.
  7. trying to set a server wide texture pack via the server properties option ''texture-pack='' but that option for some reason does not exist in the tekkit properties file is it missing? Can I just add that option in and provide a link or am I just wasting my time.
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