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  1. The world has been reset now! For now you have to start over but we will shortly add a portal so you can get your things from the old world!
  2. Sry about the downtime, the router changed my pc's local ip and couldnt fix cause I was at school in a 4 hour physics test.
  3. Manually promoted you now, so you should have the rank now
  4. Sorry about the downtime, the network at home broke alittle.
  5. currently you cant but Im gonna install an auto restarted so this crash problem wont occur.
  6. QTNam can you make a todo list for me? Have alot of school work now simce the finals are soon here ;_;
  7. <okay Yes "/say <message>" idk if mods has permission for that though.
  8. Its up now! The server pc went ninja reboot, probably some windows update or anti-virus.
  9. still idk what hats are and no for creative Server was never down, "dyn.com" broke, they change the ip from to fleskis.dyndns.org Yes if it was the one with the powerpoint.
  10. Yes Im hempa and mods doesnt have permission to creative and also... /hat?
  11. as I posted before, use the temporary ip: The dyndnds ip does work and idk why
  12. The dyndns ip is down for some random reason.... So use this ip to logon for now:
  13. Can someone check if the "invis blocks" are still there? Did some research and done what I can, if it isnt fixed I have to reset the map. I rather host a vanilla than doing that.
  14. The server hasnt been as monitored as it should have been because Im working on a new server project and school work is piling up.
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