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  1. Tekkit. SINGLEPLAYER commands. Mind cogs, go.
  2. [li]Technic is open source. If you feel that your security is at risk, feel free to look through it for any code you disapprove of.[/li] [li]No right to prevent people from pirating the game? What the hell are you talking about. They're not going to go out of their way to make it easier for you shits to steal.[/li] [li]You just don't understand how it works, sux4u.[/li]
  3. No, you just run the launcher every time, and it figures shit out on it's own.
  4. Uhh. Sounds like you want Minecraft Profile Manager? That has nothing at all to do with technic though.
  5. When you open the launcher, on the login screen, look at the options button. Look at it very carefully. Perhaps even click it, and see what goodies it contains.
  6. Look at the options button on the log in screen. MOD EDIT: WRONG
  7. If you click on options, on the launcher login screen, you can set how much you want from the drop down menu.
  8. No. It will be launcher only, from now on. Go away.
  9. Technic/tekkit will NOT work for 1.1. You need to find a 1.0 server file, and I can't tell you where to get that.
  10. Yes. Also, don't double or triple post. Just edit your last post.
  11. If you are trying to play multiplayer, you need tekkit, not technic. Tekkit is MP, Technic is SP.
  12. Open modloader.cfg in your config folder, and set "mod_InvTweaks=off".
  14. ... Why are you putting redstone torches beside them? You need to right click on them.
  15. Fixed your cat meme for you bro. Way to read the rules.
  16. I AM A HUGE GAY BABY WHO LIKES TO POST ANIME MEMES CAUSE I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE ANIME SO ITS LIKE IRONIC RITE? LULLZZZ Mod note: I'm changing your picture to something suitable for this thread. Don't make me ban you god damn. This is ONE BAD ASS CAT hour, show a little god damn respect Niavmai. Shameful.