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  1. How do I open a port through my modem?
  2. I made rules for both TCP and UDP for inbound and outbound on the port 25565 and PFPortchecker says it still isn't working. What do you mean by running in outside of Hamachi?
  3. Even with the server running it is still has that same message, and it wont let me port forward my Hamachi IP, or am I supposed to do that somewhere else?
  4. Tell me if you need anything else.
  5. I've followed all those steps but the PFPortchecker is saying that it didn't work.
  6. I'm not too sure what the problem is, its just not letting anyone else on. Yeah I'm using my home computer, and I've been able to host before without much lag, and I'm also trying to do it with Hamachi because port forwarding is not something I'm good with.
  7. I want to host a server for a few friends to play with me but for some reason I am unable to host, I have watched a video and I did everything it told me to do and still, I'm the only one able to log onto the server. If anyone can help me post here or add me on steam as Ompay Thanks! :)