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  1. Let me introduce myself first - I started a thread on bdcraft forums about sphax tekkit patch. It's been there for quite a while so I know what I'm doing . ME and my friend tama63 (who has created sphax technic patch) want to make a one thread over here for both our packs. That's my story short! Why are your packs unique and deserve to be put up here? - The tekkit patch is fully complete and technic will be too as soon as I get my hands on it. So what do you need the wrenches for? - We decided that we need a banner for the thread. I started making one but I'm missing one single piece ... the wrenches! I really love the technic banner and love the wrenches and therefore I need them for the banner! Preview of the banner Links to our threads on Tekkit Addon Patch Technic Addon Patch
  2. It needs to go into the zip of the mod: [1.2.5] and that's not only with Sphax but with every texture pack. It's due to mods coding. It seems like it doesn't support the external textures! :P
  3. Just grab the 1.2.5 version of Sphax here: