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  1. and i think one reason why people are making the bad compliments on the server is because it has absolutly no EE. if the server were to have a small portion of it, such as the alc. chest, energy condenser, flying ring, and DM tools and armor, and leave out the rest of the mod, that would probably make the server a little more popular.
  2. i love this freakin server but unfortunatly i got banned for greifing in the resource world. it was actually an accident and i though the place that i had "greifed" was already greifed, but now i know that i did somthing wrong so i wish to please be unbanned. thanks for making the server by the way, its a great server
  3. I know that there is a punishment line of like 1st offense 24 hour jail rd offense is a ban but now the third time the "bug" happened it wont let me connect to the server anymore saying "confirmed by coreprotect" FYI i never greifed or broke a single rule so why am i banned?
  4. anyway the bug is that wheever i reconnect to the server it automaticly throws me in jail
  5. and greenhatman should not be a staff member anymore hes very rude and is lying about everything
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