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  1. The IC2 crop system is crappy. I'd much rather have fruit trees and loads of new food types than a sugar cane that can grow pumpkins. But anyway, I have already added it back in to my own server, with some horrible compatibility error with one of the mods, can't remember which, it was nothing important. As for the points rasied by Torezu, I said mods, but I wasn't being literal, mods, admins, whoever is in charge, that's who I was talking about, and as for selling it better, I didn't expect to have to do a Dragon's Den pitch of the mod, since it has been in the pack before so everyone knows what it is/does etc.
  2. I want to bump this for mods to see, but I don't want to be irritating... Oh well, done it now...
  3. My point exactly, everything has bugs, so why not add it in anyway! :L
  4. After posting this, I actually thought it'd be a good idea to check and make sure what I was saying was correct, and came accross this: Riddled with bugs? Like a lot of things in Tekkit! I see no problems here! :3
  5. I know it was AGES ago when this was removed, but I just recently was thinking about how much I loved the mod. Since it was so long ago, I can't remember, why was this mod removed? It's up to date with minecraft and didn't add many new block types (or did it?) and ID conflicts can be fixed by just altering a config (as far as I'm aware). Also, is there any chance of seeing it return in a future update? If not, is it possible to put the mod onto a server (and client) or are there too many problems?
  6. Well it is technically working correctly as far as minecraft is concerned, that's why there's no error log
  7. Title: Tekkit loading incorrectly Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 64bit Java Version: 7 Probably. The most recent. Description of Problem: Tekkit is loading a strange .minecraft using whatever is already in there and adding NEI along with a couple of config files... No matter what I do, it always loads this same thing. It never loads it from the .techniclauncher/tekkit folder and is really bugged up. Error Messages: None Error Log: None - Technically working correctly
  8. I tried using that actually, I wanted to get it to replace grass blocks with dirt blocks and remove water (but I had some issues where it basically wasn't paying any attention to the stuff I told it to do) ._. And I suppose oil and rubber trees would be an awkward thing to set up, due to them not being like a single block spawning. Hmm, maybe the Technic guys could look into making something like this possible with world gens?
  9. Is there a way to use Tekkit with Plugins which generate terrain differently, i.e Bananapocalypse & SkylandsPlus. I tried a few things aNd messed about with Multiverse etc but I never got Tekkit trees/ores etc to spawn in differently generated worlds. Is there a way around this to make them spawn even if the world generates differently? If not, you should definately think about it :3