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  1. I just read every single post in this Topic. This love and hate thing man. Just grab a joint(Or a bong, whatever floats your boat) relax and try the new tekkit. I do not mind learning anything new and what i noticed is that nobody talks about Equivalent Exchange like it was useless or something.
  2. OP, think in the long run. It will be updated with many items and we will use futuristic machinery and go to more than the moon like you saw in the yogs cast. In which i remember they had more than just the moon there that they could of went to. But you can always stick to your Cobblestone Box.
  3. Yes same problem but we have 70mbs internet speed which is more than enough.
  4. Hey there. I run my server just fine and dandy i can do everything but when my friend joins in you cant break anything or stuff like that. When he types i see it but he cant see anything he types. Its like he is frozen although i can see him break stuff. Same thing with me vice verca.
  5. Hey there i read somewhere that they either had Mo creatures in Tekkit lite or the new Tekkit. I am wondering will it work if i install it manually?
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