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  1. Name: Noah Minecraft Username: twister98765 (no caps) Age:14 Your long term minecraft project: To be good at redstone and hopefully make a compact redstone machine. Why you want to play on this server: I only play on one other server so i got bored of that server so i want to join this server to have some fun!
  2. Your in-game name: Twister98765 What do you like to be called by? : Twist , twister Timezone : Pacific Daylight How long did you play Minecraft/Tekkit?: For about 1 years Favorite Mod ?: IC2 Why do you want to join ?: Ive been playing too much singleplayer and want to play with other people. What can you offer to make this server better : Lots of my friends play tekkit I can tell them to write a application and join About yourself : I am 14, a Male, Intrest: to play with other people, from California
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