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  1. Because I wanted the Tekkit styled logo in our logo as some sort of reference to it, but it's no big deal, I can do what you suggested as well. Okay I know everything I need to know, thanks for helping me out, Cheap Shot, and everybody else!
  2. Thank you for providing that information, I appreciate it. The thing is that I haven't ever been on a forum where signing your post was not allowed and stated in a rule. Some forums even encourage signing posts, so I was confused when people started telling me to change it here. Double posting is to be avoided, I sadly couldn't avoid it this time. It's like that at many places, they'll start to get annoyed when someone steps up to them to tell them that there's pirated content in thread "x". Okay, no big deal. Could I add the tekkit itself logo somewhere at the PMC thread, or would you disapprove that as well? Just want to ask before getting a into problems that could've easily been prevented. EDIT: Another possibility is to cut off the tools at the top of the Tekkit logo if you would allow me to do that, might look a lot better.
  3. There was a slight misunderstanding then. I would prefer this to go on-topic again, I don't want to spend all the time arguing about the rules, just wanted to ask a question. Does anybody perhaps know how I can contact the author/owner of the Tekkit logo so I may ask him/her personally?
  4. Seriously, why even bother to report the post? I said I would correct it, and I corrected it right after, there is no point at all in reporting this post.
  5. Thank you for clarifying, I see now, it will be changed asap. Will do that, don't get me wrong, I'm not a troublemaker.
  6. Embracing darkness.

  7. I always sign long posts (usually long first posts), it's a habbit I have. Sorry if it offended anyone in any way.. Thanks for the compliment Jorcer, though I'm not the creator of that logo, I do the main artwork for Windoom these days :D
  8. Hello people from Technic! This is just a small thing, and I couldn't really find out who to contact about this, so I decided to post on here. Our community, WinDooM (Known for the Windoom SMP server), has recently opened a Tekkit server, the thread can be found here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/tekkit-graylist-windoom-tekkit/ Now it would be nice if we could merge the Tekkit Logo into our own logo to make clear that server is a Tekkit one, it would look pretty nice and professional as well. So I'm here to ask permission for doing that This is what we had in mind: I'm basically asking if we could use this instead of the original logo for our advertisement threads like the one at PMC, because they tend to dislike unoriginal content being used in threads without any permissions. Hope to hear a response soon!
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