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  1. Age: 37 IGN (In Game Name) count_zero99uk Why Do you want to Play on this Server? Im looking for a good populated server to play with people i dont know. What Do you want to Build? Im hoping to build a technical hub from which to explore the worlds of Myst.
  2. In-game name: count_zero99uk Age: 37 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: say 6 months about. Reason I want to join: Looking for a bigger server to join other than the little one i do with my friends.
  3. Its just what i was looking for If its not, it could do with being linked from the Tekkit page.
  4. Hi i was looking on the mod list for Tekkit and i dont think its up to date, aside from the modlist in game is there a list somewhere of what is currently in and its version thanks.
  5. Its not just the colour part, my suit dosnt look as bulky as the one in the picture. Its more like a texture. Ahhh i see that, but still the texture isnt a blocky mesh, its more smooth. Got it sorted thanks
  6. Hi i was looking on the modular powersuits page and saw the new look of the armour and thought wow thats amazing However when i built them up they looked the same as ever. Is tekkit running the latest version? and if so how can i get them to look as they do here http://machinemuse.net/index.php
  7. As a group were really against cheating, we also threatened to burn Criss if he used his minum stone were we could see But as you say despirate times . He managed to get back though so thats good. Thanks for the help all.
  8. Ah now you see there are 3 of us on the server Teraku criss was our test monkey we sent him up to see what would happen. We were sorting out stuff for him to take but he got rushed and left it all behind.
  9. He found some Doors and ended up getting back through limbo. Thanks
  10. Hi all, friend flew to the moon the problem is he cant come back now. He's not got any o2, or fuel or anything. Im now looking for a server command to bring him back to earth. Can someone please let me know what it is.
  11. I seem to be getting a crash when i try to link Oil-Liquiducts to empty liquiducts.
  12. Its taking too long to manualy dig up Obsidian. Aside from quarries is there a way to automate it? I was thinking maybe a mining turtle but i dont know if you can tell them to look out for a specific type of ore (ive not used them at all) Any and all sugestions welcomed
  13. Cave spam, Quitting?? Im new have a missed the drama?
  14. Ah is the nether required for Magmatic. Also Is there a power storage device in Tekkit now? Right just had a poke, the magmatic is a straight forward engine, just looks like you need a lot of magma for it, i suppose if you have access to a lot of lava lakes it is probly ok. Or am i missing something?
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