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  1. We have now added a donate link on our website, this enables you to skip the ranking system and get a few extra perks. head over to http://lnn-ranked.com for details.
  2. Good job we have our forcefield set up. What are peoples thoughts on adding a pvp world to the main server? This world would not be subject to the no grief/steal rules but will still be covered by the ranking restrictions/unlocks system, also we would share inventory's between worlds.
  3. We have removed the volcanite amulet as people were constantly using it to grief spawn. :(
  4. Yes its back up at last, I have been trying to log into MC all night. :/
  5. Introduction: Hello and welcome to The Kill Zone server thread. This server is all about being able to do what ever you want. We encourage pvp and if something is not protected then as far as we are concerned it is fair game for griefing/stealing. We run minimal plugins to keep the server as light weight and lag free as possible. This server runs 24/7 on a high spec dedicated box with a 100mb up and down connection. The server Address is: lnn-ranked.com:25566 (Dont forget the port number at the end) (We also run the lnn-ranked.com server which can be found here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-lnn-ranked-com-pve-50-slots-open-residence-multiverse-coreprotect-pex-join-the-ranks.27188/ ) Plugins: 1.Residence (you can create 1 25x25 block residence to protect you home,your stuff and your self) 2.World Border (set to 4000x4000 blocks, so plenty of room ) 3.Essentials (you can set multiple homes, use the back command, plus more) 4.Auto Save World (to stop any nasty roll backs should the worse happen) We Have only two rules: No Hacking/Exploits. Do Not grief Spawn That's it, anything and everything else is allowed. Mods removed: Unfortunately we had to remove the following mods for stability/performance reasons: Wireless Redstone Teleport Pipes Banned Items: (Some for game balance, some for technical reasons) 1.Quantum Armour (Whats the point in pvp if people are invincible? ) 2.Infernal, RM, DM Armour (see above) 3.World Anchor (Causes chunk corruption and messes up the world) 4.Mining Laser (Ignores all protections) Final few words about the server If you want a relaxed server without tons of rules and people saying "you cant do this, you cant do that" then this is the server for you. We enjoy a bit of friendly banter and pvp but there is also a great community feel to the server, with many people choosing to trust each other and work as a team. If this sounds like your kind of server then do the right thing and join us. Server address: lnn-ranked.com:25566 Hopefully see you all there soon. :)
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