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  1. Server Ip - Server rules War is allowed and that's the main point of this server greifing may be allowed in some circumstances but not all pvp is allowed and fights ect stealing is allowed There are no mods removed No banned items Plugins - Essentials World edit more coming soon when we decide like fractions if we get them This server is all about PVP and war and more stuff alike we enjoy playing and fighting as it is coming close to chrismas when this server is being started up we are going to make a festive spawn and obviously give out some extra gifts when you start The expected uptime of the server should be 24/7 Me and devin are looking for Any kind of players we have no age restriction to this server and we are not asking for people to be on alot its up to you when you wanna play we ask for your skype or some way to communicate with you and we just wanna have fun Application We are accepting any players all you've gotta do is message us or give us your skype user names or your preferred way of us contacting you we prefer skype
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