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  1. I'm trying to raid an inactive faction they have two layers of obsidian expect for the floor. Is there anyway I can't break through the obsidian. I've tried every exposive, I've tried matter cannons and enderpearling. MFFS is banned on the server so I can't use that. Is there anything else that I could make or use to break or get through it ?
  2. but i have other mod packs with alot more then this one and they also work fine its only this one
  3. every time i play on this mod pack when i see some thing move on my screen it freaks out and i can only see normally though the minimap and its not the mod pack because i know only people who had this problem on other mod pack, also i have the same mod pack on another computer and it works fine. i dont know how to fix it
  4. new computer but its sucks ( well it isnt really new just its now mine)

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