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  1. Yes I guess I could edit them away, I hadn't thought of that. Somehow it feels inelegant though I just need to know the variable in which class to change to stop it being generated...
  2. Obviously this is possible, but I had wanted to understand how to improve my gaming experience, not just ignore the bits I didn't like. Any suggestions along these lines would be appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I have been playing technic a lot recently and certainly enjoy it However there are a few things that make the game quite easy, one of which is the precious gem (ruby/emerald/sapphire) generation from red power. I was wondering if there was a way to disable this without removing redpower (and failing this, if there is a way to remove redpower, if one can even remove redpower simply from technic). I've looked through the redpower cfg file, attempted to edit the .class files in redpower's world zip, but haven't been able to find where these variables are set. Maybe I just missed it, and any help would be much obliged. Many thanks...
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