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  1. TechnoVerse - Tekkit 3.1.2 Website: Dynmap: Forum: Server IP: Why choose TechnoVerse? TechnoVerse is a new and thriving server which not only caters for a wide variety of player types but manages to keep them playing peacefully and happily in one environment. The community is always kind to new members and brings them into the TechnoVerse family. Our staff are dedicated, experienced and more than willing to spend the majority of their time helping others. We are always looking for new staff but will only choose those who not only stand out in-game as a helpful and mature person but those whose applications show a great deal of effort and consideration. Protection To protect your items on our server you either need to get some gold and craft a shovel with it or join a town. You get a starting 4x4 claim over the first ever chest you place but after that claims will need to be made/expanded with a golden shovel. Town are created by those of 'Veteran' rank or higher. We have several large towns who cater for all types of player but also small and uprising ones who all have unique qualities. Ranks Ranking in TechnoVerse works are based on time and each rank unlocks more cool items and the ability to new commands. The first rank is 'Newbie' which has access to everything you need to get a great start and begin to build your empire on the server. After only and hour you will rank to 'Trusted' which not only has a great accompanying kit (/kit trusted) it allows you to place some items that were restricted to you before. There are many more ranks each with new abilities and perks which encourage you to play, although we do recommend breaks to get reacquainted with the outdoors. We also have a selection of Donor ranks each with their owns perks and abilities, these are for players who wish to support the server and help pay towards the monthly upkeep. These ranks are bought through PayPal which is a speedy and safe way to transfer and it also allows those without a PayPal account to donate via a credit or debit card. Server Goal We aim to be the best server out there, this is of course the obvious goal and the only way we can achieve this is by the work of not only staff members but players as without their feedback and support the goal is unreachable. If it were possible to have a server which was perfect for everyone, we would make it out No.1 priority, however with such a large variety of players and tastes we can only hope to accommodate a small spectrum of these players and try to adapt to suit everything we possibly can! Plans for the near future! [Ongoing] Reduce list of banned items when they are safe to use [Ongoing] Reduce Lag (Always top priority) [in Progress] Migrate fully to new Enjin website and forums! [in Progress] Add new chat functions (Channels, improved prefixes/suffixes) We are open to suggestions about what should be next on the list! Staff Ranks and Members! [Owner]: OPTIVNERVE (Me) [Co-Owner]: Sfer1 [Admin]: Imagiro1998, HippHopp, Tommead99 [srMod]: Kringel [Mod]: Cadvridoc, Revesilia, Jtmensack, Firefarrets3, [Helpers]: We have many helpers and they are constantly changing so to same myself some grief I will refrain from putting all their names. This rank is the preliminary/learning rank before becoming a fully-fledged moderator. Note: As well as an every shortening banned items list, the whole Computer Craft mod is disabled on the server! Some photos to wet your appetite!
  2. Yes, there was. Some people who were trying to comment here couldn't reach the page. So I tried to resubmit a new one. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Technoverse
  3. Do not listen to the noob above, banned him for swearing and racial abuse in chat!
  4. A whole new experience of tekkit! A server where you actually matter! He who conquers tekkit does so on TechnoVerse! IP: WEBSITE: 1. Do NOT grief wilderness! 2. Do WHATEVER staff tell you to to do (within reason) 3. NO Hacked Clients - Insta-Ban 4. Cursing is fine but not in excess 5. Do not kill those who are new to the server 6. Do not kill those whom you have a massive advantage over 7. If you wish to PvP then you may do so only with those with similar armour to yourself. 8. No 1x1 towers! 9. No racism 10. No x-ray or any 3rd party mods! 11. Abusing rank powers and/or permissions will result in a ban. AutoRank, BuyRegion, GriefPrevention, IcePvP, iConomy, MobDisguise, ModReq, NoLagg, SimpleReserve, TekkitCustomizer, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, HawkEye, Tekkit Restrict Uptime: 24/7 Computer Craft is completely disabled due to previous negative experience with this mod. The beginnings of a great server which we hope will grow into something much larger than can be created by any one player, a server with a great community, atmosphere and staff. People have said such thing can't exist, WE are here to prove them wrong! We need players who regardless of tekkit know-how contribute to the positive vibe of the server and help it to grow and develop to its full potential! We host events such as PvP contests, Parkour, Spleef and Spleef 2.0! All of which have amazing prizes to choose from!