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  1. In an attempt to hide the bad reviews this server has gotten Malice is offering diamonds to people who spam this thread. Clearly Malice has no idea about the rules Asking people to sign posts (No Signing Posts - Your username is already there, it's redundant. Plus it makes you look like a loser. (You might be aloser!) It's also an easy way to tell that you haven't read these rules.) And others like spamming and bumping. And to be frank Malice, your server sucks because of you, I couldn't care less. I'm just making sure no one else is sucked into your shithole you call a server you money hungry child.
  2. If you like a server run by a spoilt child who will call you non-donators freeloading scum to get you to donate, you've found the right server. I wouldn't waste your time here, you'll end up getting banned for attacking the only donator (This is a PvP server, but attacking the donator is a no no). GG Malice you killed your own server by banning the biggest group your server had.
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