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  1. Letonna has been added to the whitelist. We look forward to seeing you on our server.
  2. We now have a PVP arena. We'll host tournaments every now and then for large prizes. Here is a picture:
  3. Soldien and daftsound both approved. Enjoy the server, hope to see you soon!
  4. • FByte Community Tekkit Server • Introduction: The FByte community welcomes you to join our brand new Tekkit server! After a very long time of playing on private servers, making private builds, and keeping to ourselves, we've decided we'd like to have other people building with us. To accomplish that, we've set up a 20 slot whitelisted server running 24/7 for anybody who want to play. General Server Info: Rules: 1. Use common sense - This may sound like a given, and you may think that this is a relative thing and is har
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