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  1. Letonna has been added to the whitelist. We look forward to seeing you on our server.
  2. We now have a PVP arena. We'll host tournaments every now and then for large prizes. Here is a picture:
  3. Soldien and daftsound both approved. Enjoy the server, hope to see you soon!
  4. • FByte Community Tekkit Server • Introduction: The FByte community welcomes you to join our brand new Tekkit server! After a very long time of playing on private servers, making private builds, and keeping to ourselves, we've decided we'd like to have other people building with us. To accomplish that, we've set up a 20 slot whitelisted server running 24/7 for anybody who want to play. General Server Info: Rules: 1. Use common sense - This may sound like a given, and you may think that this is a relative thing and is hard to - judge, but most people have a general understanding of how to behave as a rational human - being. All we ask is for you to maintain some decency while on our server. 2. PvP and Stealing is allowed anywhere outside of spawn, but be responsible about it. - We generally won't care how you take care of business on our server. If you want to steal and - kill your way to the top, that's fine, but don't just go around and ruin other players' experiences. - If you need to break into a place, don't just destroy the whole house and pour lava inside. Just - break the blocks you need to to gain entry and go about your business. If you intend to blow - up someone's house, we'll expect that you have valid reason to do so, and we'll expect that you - are able to provide that reason when asked. Anyways, feel free to do as you please, just don't - ruin anyone else's experience. Also, the spawn area includes the throne room, hall of heroes, - market, and fountain area. 3. No Glitching. - We know there are ways to glitch items in. Don't do it. Simple as that. It's no fun to do things - way, so we hope that you'll avoid doing this just because it's boring. 4. No X-Ray texture packs. - We're not going to be checking to see if people have these or anything, but we'd like to point - out that it would be much more fun to do things without this. Please don't use these. 5. Don't be disrespectful or rude to other players. Banned Items: 1. Red Matter Morningstar 2. Nukes 3. Red Matter Hammer 4. Dark Matter Hammer 5. Destruction Catalyst 6. Catalytic Lens What to do on the server: Pretty much anything you want. If you want to build a city, feel free to do so. If we like it enough and want to consider it a public city/monument/awesome structure we'll even protect it for you using worldguard, and then set up a warp so that everyone can get to it. Or you could just create a giant production facility. Or a brewing company. Or an evil empire. Or whatever else you want. Outside of the rules we've listed and the banned items we've listed, you can do anything you want. Other Information: Additional Mods: The only additional mods we're currently supporting are worldguard and worldedit. The economy will simply be based on trading. We have an exchange rate set up in case you want to measure things in dollars as opposed to iron/diamonds/darkmatter/redmatter/etc. but if you want something, you had better have something worth trading. FByte Community: The FByte community primarily exists in the world of Garry's Mod. Currently, the community only consists of a few members. The community is mostly just a bunch of guys who tend to play games together. The people who are currently running and administrating this server are BL00DB4TH7, Capreo84 (aka Dice), and myself (tidus1112). We try to be as respectful and mature as possible, and we're always willing to help people out, so feel free to talk to us if you see us in game. If you want to know more about the FByte community, or if you're interested in joining the community, please visit: http://www.fbyte.org Because we're primarily a Garry's Mod community, you will need a SteamID to sign up on the forums. How to become whitelisted: Fill out the following application. Keep in mind that we have no age restrictions or experience restrictions. That information is simply so we can understand more about you before you get onto our server. User id: Age: Tekkit Experience (0-10): Minecraft Experience (0-10): Do you intend to be a decent human being (yes/no): What would you like to do on our server? We will post a video about the server sometime within the next few days For now, here is a screenshot of the spawn area: Thanks for reading the post, hope to see some of you on the server soon!
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