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  1. Launcher Version: 253 Operating System: windows 8 Java Version: Antivirus Program: webroot secure anywhere Description of Problem: whenever i try to download any of the extra modpacks by copy and pasting the download link with the add new modpack button it will not download and give an error saying consult the modpack author Error Messages: Error Log:
  2. im having the same issue and tried turning my firewall off and all my antivirus and it still gave me the cannot download error edit: im running windows 8 tho but i was able to download one earlier today but cannot download any others
  3. its a hidden folder generally so you will have to turn on the show hidden folders option. not sure where that is on macs so im not much help there.
  4. and for another one voodoo thaumcraft isnt even on tekkit its only on technic
  5. I've been having this problem for a few days and cant figure out whats causing it. I'm running the newest java version and it runs technic fine for hours but about 20 minutes after i open tekkit it crashes. Does anyone have a solution for this problem or can at least point me in the right direction?
  6. Skype Name : dont give out my skype on open forums like this but if you pm me ill send it to you Can you host a server : not a chance computer sucks enough as is Your age : 25 Are you mature enough? : depends on what you consider mature enough Can you make us laugh? : depends on what makes you laugh
  7. i use something similar but not quite as advanced as yours i just put the blaze powder into a condenser myself havent quite gotten around to automating it completely yet
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