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  1. and also, there are things that don't have an EMC value that I have to make.
  2. I see where you're coming from, but you were in single player. I'm playing with a couple of friends, and we all kind of specialize in our own things. I do EE and Redpower, so I kind of supply all of them. It's still fun, but if it ever gets out of hand, ill most likely stop generating. It's all good fun :D
  3. I'm having it hosted by TreePuncher, so no need to have it on.
  4. I'm at school right now, and the collectors are making DM on my server. Hopefully I'll have enough to upgrade my relays and collectors when I get home, then I'll leave them on red matter tonight and tomorrow. I'll make a DM pick and mine when I'm on for a solid 7000 EMC/minute.
  5. What does the DM pedestal do? I've never explored that. I just got into EMC, I was doing a lot of RedPower and IndustrialCraft.
  6. I left it on overnight, got 3 stacks of diamonds. Just switched it over to DM, so I can upgrade them further. I know it's not the right place, but i have a server up and if any of you want to join, send me a message. 100% uptime, being hosted by TreePuncher.
  7. I have 4 energy collectors hooked up to an antimatter relay, that's hooked up to a Condenser. I want to know how I can get diamonds the fastest to make more energy collectors, in turn, creating more EMC.
  8. I have a few energy collectors, and I wanna know how I can get diamonds the fastest to make more. Can anyone help with the fastest way to get diamonds?
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