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  1. Server is Back Online, from 4 months of being shut off, We re made it to being the number server for hundreds.
  2. iCraft Tekkit is a server for tekkit classic (3.1.2), I am going to keep this post simple so you guys can join and start having Fun. Just a history of iCraft Tekkit is that we were once one of the top Tekkit servers but shut the server down 4 months ago for a staff related issue which has been resolved. We are back, but stronger and better than before. Everything is enabled on our server but for griefing and raiding. We got some banned items to keep the server FUn and fair and enjoyable for All! To check our FULL Banned item list please connect in we have about 10 - 15 items banned that are very OP and dangerous. 1) Respect All Staff and Players 2) No Hacking 3) No Glitching 4) No Exploiting 5) No Advertising 6) No Griefing 8) No PVP (Only in PVP World) 9) No 1x1 Towers 10) No EMC Farms Katar* Morning Star* Nuke iTnt Nova Cats (Both) Gem Armour* REPS Land Marks* Anchors* Dimensional Anchors Anchor Cart Ring of Arcana* Void Ring Zero Ring Ignition Ring Training Dummy D-Catalyst Catalytic Lens Hyperkinectic Lens Divine rod 3 Evertide Emulet Volcantic Emulet Red Matter ** Dark Matter ** * = Still obtainable through donations ** Obtainable through play time Guest - Starting Rank * NO DARK OR RED MATTER * Member - Play 24 hours to get this * UNLOCK DARK MATTER * Trusted - Play one week to get this * UNLOCK RED MATTER * LWC Simpleclans Grief Prevention Tekkit Restrict Tekkit Customizer Chestshop Essentials Multiworld TimeisMoney AutoAnnouncer Creative Gates Firstjoinplus Votifier (Major Plugins) (Will Edit to contain ALL Plugins) To Be a staff Member we would like you to do the following: Go to our website www.iCraftTekkit.com and create an account and go to Staff Application to fill one out, we Don't want you to replying to this topic, because its just unnecessary spam (Bumps). (Pictures will be added soon as they are done Resizing)
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