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  1. New chunk, as in somewhere you've never been? What is your computer's specs?
  2. This is happening to me too. Trying to figure it out... Nothing I've done so far works, and I've tried multiple resets, some pretty extreme... What mods are used in the areas you are trying to load?
  3. In Game Name:QubicGames Age:17 How long you've been playing Tekkit: 2-ish years Loyalty to Servers 1-10: About 8 to 9, maybe more if they're great Tekkit Talents: Machines of any kind: any I don't know I would love to learn I understand the rules, and if i break them i will be unwhitelisted without hesitation
  4. IGN: QubicGames Why I want to join: This server has a small community and is the default Tekkit (no banned items)
  5. Haven't tried. Is it possible I was banned? If so, can I get unbanned? P.S. I won't be able to answer for a while.
  6. I tried to log onto the server and it said "dissconnected by server. grief/lagg". I don't know why this is happening. I have been using this server for a while but have not griefed or caused any lagg. Help.
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