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  1. That is not as useful as it sound seeing how you can just check in Voltz. Add something to say WHY the server is down maybe.
  2. iWireless, you are a very good server owner but you don't always give updates so people know why the server is down. It does not feel good being in the dark and waiting for a admin or owner to answer our prayers and restart the server or tell us what is going on. I know you said what is going on here but a lot more people go onto the official forums.
  3. Sweeney, I have been able to play the server without block lag for 3 hours today. This lag is highly unusual and it is not the result of a Stopwatch, which is banned by the way. The staff only said leave the server once to try and get rid of the lag.
  4. And maybe to see how many chunks you have loaded and how far out you could use a Dynmap, restrict it to staff only though so people do not find where everyone is.
  5. I second Bopskapen on point one, for point two i believe there is a program that generates chunks for you. Point 4 could use the Party Chat which allows you to teleport to others in your party by typing /ptp name. I do not know if they would put a WorldGuard on it because of 30-40 people who are on being "crowded" in a smaller area than they are used to. I like going 10-15 k blocks from spawn, keeps me safe and happy. People may like to go out further because of safety issues or who want to be hermits like i am. I believe it should be the players prerogative for whether or not there should be a world border. Cast a vote and see whether or not WorldGuard is in or out.
  6. TL;DR, Quit your whining and find a new server if you do not like this one. And making a giant cluster of sentences as large as yours is discourages people from reading your crap. I personally love this server, sure it is laggy but every server is. I have not seen any evidence of admin abuse in the time i have been there so i have no idea where you are coming from. P.S: I actually laughed when i opened that failed to load pic in a new tab that links you to FJ, go back where you belong Junky.
  7. How do i get Refined steel and Refined Steel blocks?
  8. Sorry about the empty quote, I am on a android tablet and did not remove or edit it.