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  1. We are sorry for that. Our moderator started griefing while I was on vacation. Everything is fixed
  2. Friendly community- 20slots Server IP: Our server website: www.scottishtekkit.enjin.com ________________________________________________________________________ Plugins: Tree Assist Essentials Towny AutoRank WorldEdit WorldGuard Citizens LWC Chestshop Showcase Standalone Coreprotect NoItem PaidRanks _______________________________________________________________________ Rules: 1.Griefing is allowed in unclaimed areas 2.No begging for items or rank 3.Do NOT give out ANY items or make drop party 4. Be Kind to any player on the server 5. Don't spam and keep swear words to a minimum _______________________________________________________________________ Banned Items: 1. DM pedestal 2. Transmutation Table 3. DM/RM Furnace 4. Nuke 5. Destruction Catalyst 6. Gem Armor 7. Archangle Smite 8. Watch of flowing time 9. Mining laser _______________________________________________________________________ Why Choose This Server: This server is meant for you to have fun. It seemed that when i went on many other servers it was boring after a short period of time. So me and a couple of friends started this server. Even though this server is called "Scottish Tekkit Server" you can still join and there is no lag. Once I get more people that are active i will be upgrading the amount of ram and the amount of players. So i hope u enjoy this new server and there will be more to come. ________________________________________________________________________ Pictures: